Be enlighten by ‘Psyche’ Butterfly series

In this chaotic world, it urges to recover the essence of the soul. The German photographer Carsten Witte unveiled the women’s secrets, exposing their body and soul to the world, by a myriad of photos where females are represented in the Nature.

Carsten Witte’s work, ‘Psiche’ Butterfly series, represents the whole kaleidoscope of varying aspects of female beauty – from airiness and vivacity to sensuality.

Their beauties are naked but never bare, as they rather seem to feel secure in the superposing shadows. The observer is invited to interpret the photos, but, simultaneously, he assists to a very properly show. Carsten was already called David Lynch of fashion photography. His images play with the observer’s vision as you assist behind the scenes.

Carsten offers tips, but the whole mistery must be solved by the observer.

psychephotophotoCarstenblue photophoto

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