Minimalism versus Opulence: after all, who wins?


Hay House, displayed at MOMA in New York

It isn’t a recent fight, this one between minimalism and opulent style.

In the past few years minimalism inspired in nordic style has gaigned force and has countered the opulence decoration, which has being seen as a synonimous of good taste ans sophistication. Now, the war has started and it seems that the motto “less is more” is prevailing.

Even the big fairs are being influenced by this tendency: In the last edition of the well-known french  exhibition Maison et Objet, the theme was “elements”, putting the emphasis in undressing the excess and taking place the purity of straight lines.

maison et objet

Essentiel: the return to essence and the celebration of minimalism 

At the most recent european hotel design awards, minimalism won once more. Considered the Best Of The Best Design Hotel of Europe, Superbude St Pauli in Hamburg, Germany, took the award.


Superbude design hotel won the Best Of The Best Design Hotel of Europe

But if you think that this wave of minimalism is just taking place in Europe, you’re deeply wrong: even MoMa at New York has been rendered to this style.

MoMa New York

 Sori Yanagi. Butterfly Stool, displayed at MoMa 

 However, the opulent style has being resisted to the stagger of this tendancy: the proof is that the majory of celebrities still prefer opulent goods instead  the minimalist ones.

Gwen Stefani is thinking to choose the most excentric and opulent design in order to decorate her home: between the brands represented, there is Boca do Lobo, Lee Broom and Kelly Wearstler, a few examples of her opulent options picked by the interior designer

gwen stefani

 Gwen Stefani decor options

versailles by Boca do Lobo

The opulent Versailles by Boca do Lobo

 This fight indeed is being even more intense. Although the famous Hollywood stars prefer the opulent style the truth is that minimalism is gaining even more strenght.



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