Luceplan versus Foscarini: how similar are they?

We don’t know about you but, hey: for us, lighting brands Luceplan and Foscarini are really examples to follow at lighting decoration field once they achieved a notorious sucess across all the world, with several showrooms displayed in the most popular regions.

However, their similarities are quite big, starting from they nationality. Well, they are both italian. While Luceplan has its head office in Milan, Foscarini has its head offici in a more  unknown region: Marcon.

When we take a look at their pieces, they also follow the same philosophy: it is enough to look at their modern floor lamps: Lady Constanza, from Luceplan and Twiggy, from Foscarini.

lady constanza

Lady Constanza, Rizzatto, Paolo | 2008 

The diffuser of Lady Constanza is made of Makrolon® polycarbonate sheet and it is available in white, red and black. Two versions to manage luminosity: one with the regulation of the intensity on three levels by means of a touch-dimmer on the sensor rod and on-off controls with a pedal switch.

But when we look at Foscarini, we see also a similar floor lamp, conceived with the same way of light down reflexion. Although the materials are quite different, the structure has a similar view. Here it is used a fiber glass lacquered.



Twiggy by Marc Sadler for Foscarini

TWIGGY is elegant and sophisticated, with a slimline design that almost cancels its visual impact, but is light and lively at the same time, extremely flexible.

Take now a look at Twiggy table lamp version:

twiggy table lamp

Twiggy table lamp

On the other hand, we have Constanza table lamp version – in our view a little bit more sophisticated.

constanza table lamp

Constanza table lamp

It’s time to ask: besides their similarities, which one do you prefer?

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