Design Miami: What if Eiffel Tower was a lamp?

tour eiffelYes, you read well: what if  Eiffel Tower was a lamp? The idea has its credits: it comes from Studio Job, who has conceived its conceptual form from a well-known historical monument: Eiffel Tower. The very french masterpiece named tour eiffel lamp is presented on  the occasion of designmiami/ 2012 at Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

Job smeets of studio job reveals the source of its inspiration to design the ‘tour eiffel’ lamp:
‘While having a summer lunch with Loic and Julien of Carpenter’s on the top of centre Pompidou I had this amazing view of the Tour Eiffel and dreamt about  my bohemian life in Paris back in the nineties.”, he says.

“You know, when the world was young and Tour Eiffel was my best friend and close neighbour. Anyway, somewhere between entrée and main the guys commissioned a lamp. One thing lead to another!’, concludes.

This recent table lamp (it was only designed this year) is patinated and polished with bronze and hand blown glass. Its light fittings have a dimension of 45 x 75 x 65 cm.

To see alive this amazing masterpiece, visit Carpenters Workshop Gallery during Design Miami, until 9th December.



eiffel tower lamp

Tour Eiffel Lamp, photo by p. laarhoven

tour eiffel lamp

 Tour Eiffel Lamp, photo by p. laarhoven

toureiffel lamp

concept sketch for ‘tour eiffel’ by studio job


table lamp

British popstar Mika hugging ‘tour eiffel’ in atelier studio jobimage courtesy of studio job

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