World Top Ten Christmas Trees of 2012

1. Belgium

christmas tree

The people of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, may well think that they have the best Christmas tree of 2012.  This abstract light installation has somewhat usurped tradition, as a 65ft pine tree from the forests of the Ardennes usually takes pride of place in the city’s central square, the Grand Place.  Of course, depending on taste you may hate this seasonal replacement, which many Belgians have dubbed The Pharmacy because of the resemblance it bears to the green cross outside chemists the world over.

2. Singapore

singapore christmas tree

The Christmas celebrations in Singapore are a real big event. Christmas celebrations will remain incomplete without the presence of some tall and big Christmas trees. The Christmas trees in Singapore come in varied forms and attractive shapes.

Christmas is one of the magical moments when this entire island city transforms into a magnificent one like never before. The Singapore Christmas celebrations comprise several really tall Christmas trees, spectacular lightings, singing and dancing shows and grand food fiestas.

3. Washington DC, USA

washington DC USA

A Capitol Christmas Tree has been an American tradition since 1964. The first tree was a live 24-foot Douglas fir planted on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol. The original Capitol Christmas Tree died after the 1968 tree lighting ceremony due to a severe wind storm and root damage. The tree was removed and the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service has provided the trees since 1969. The 2012 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree was harvested from the White River National Forest in Colorado.

4. Montrouge, Paris, France


Montrouge Christmas tree illuminates the all city with its intense blue original bright.

5. King’s Road, London, England

best christmas trees

This Christmas seems to be magic at King’s Road: the proof lays on the original Christmas tree that can be seen in the center of the city, shining in a fiery way.

6. The Alamo, Texas, USA

the alamo texAS

Have you ever wondered how they put up that huge Christmas Tree at the Alamo? Well, it characterizes the bright of the city and it is definitely in our top ten.

7. Madrid, Spain

madrid christmas tree

We associate Christmas with time and atmospheric qualities typical of winter – cold, humidity, fog and snow – and a calmer mood, peaceful and quiet. Madrid Christmas tree has the all feelings: isn’t it delicate?

8. Columbia, Missouri, USA

columbia missouri

The tradition of purchasing Christmas trees from the Downtown Optimist lot(s) started in 1955 and it continues until today with this magnificient Christmas Tree.

9. Taichung, Taiwan

taiwan christmas tree

This amazing Christmas tree made of books can be found in Taiching, Taiwan.

10. Las Vegas, USA 

Las vegas christmas tree

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, has a Christmas tree that honours that sentence: the coloured Christmas tree is synonimous of its colourful spirit.