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Lighting trends for 2013

kitchen lighting

Lighting in the home is becoming increasingly popular because of many external factors, mainly the recession.  A shortage of disposable income means that more and more, people are choosing to stay at home.  Therefore their attention turns to making their home nice and cosy and the correct lighting can achieve this.  With this in mind, let’s take a look at the lighting trends which will shape 2013.

Energy efficient lighting

It’s impossible to not to mention that one of the key trends in home lighting in 2013 will be upgrading fixtures to those which save energy. The solution to this is the much coveted LED lighting, as this lowers indoor energy consumption, quite significantly.

LED Lighting

led lighting

People who switch to LED lighting will realise a number of benefits.  They will provide crisper, brighter lighting and lower energy costs, in comparison to its competitors, the incandescent lighting and CFL lighting.  Surprisingly, changing your home’s lighting from traditional light bulbs to LED light bulbs is not too much of an overhaul as it does not require changing any fixtures or wiring. Employing a professional electrician is the easiest way to achieve this.

Low Voltage Lighting

As households continue to strive to achieve lower overheads, there will be more and more people switching outdoor lighting to a low voltage system, as this is an easy way to achieve great energy savings.  Low voltage lighting typically uses only 33 per cent of the amount of energy used by a 120-volt lighting system therefore this is a great alternative for security or accent lighting as it will still deliver the light required, but for a lower cost whilst saving energy.

Recessed lighting

Aesthetics-wise, 2013 will see a continued trend of the use of recessed lighting, (also known as canned lighting). Recessed lighting is becoming a popular type of lighting as it facilitates better control of light disbursement as well as looking better, from an aesthetic viewpoint.  It allows you to light a room with style at the same time as keeping the light source relatively hidden.

Track Lighting

Track lighting will continue to be popular in 2013, especially for people who have unique lighting needs.  The nature of track lighting means that it is favourable to people who require accent lighting on wall art or built in bookcases.  Alternatively, it can provide focused task lighting in areas of the home where this is required, such as the kitchen or study.

Kitchen Lighting

2013 will see that good kitchen lighting is becoming increasingly important.  This is because large, open kitchens are fast-becoming the hub of activity in the home for families, as well as becoming the main area of entertainment for when guests visit.  Therefore lighting such as layered lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting should be incorporated into kitchens to facilitate this. 2013 will see kitchens move from simply functional lighting, to lighting that can be adjusted to provide ambience and create an inviting living space.

Kitchen Range Hoods

2013 is the year of the kitchen.  As well as creating an ambient living space, kitchen design trends steer away from a conventional stainless steel hood (extractor fans), to more decorative ranges hoods i.e. ones with built in bright LED lights which cast a decorative glow over the cooking area, adding a fashionable modern twist to an area that is traditionally purely functional.

Neo-classical lighting

Neoclassical style combines traditional décor, with modern culture, and is being increasingly embraced by consumers. Well-known lighting designers in the industry have noted that the neo-classical style is just emerging and in 2013, it will become a booming trend.

Neo-classical lighting products are like traditional lantern crystal ornaments.  They are extremely decorative and lavish and would not look out of place in a stately home.  However more and more households are opening themselves up to these stunning pieces, therefore 2013 will see this trend continue to soar in popularity.


About The Author;  Katie Nunwick writes about interior design for a number of websites including Light My Home.