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Porto gets brighter with Delightfull modern lighting

modern suspension lamp

You don’t have to walk a lot from the center of Porto to come across Galerias de Paris, a high standard coffee where old feelings are risen. Here, old histories are awaken, breathing feelings even more than any human being. A good looking man comes through our direction and we automatically know: it’s Mr Albuquerque, owner of the coffe house and nightclub Galerias de Paris. Her face opens with a smile and, suddenly, we feel like we are at home.

– How do you think the whole space looked after the insertion of the lighting fixture Botti from Delightfull?

As a businessman from the hospitality field and with a great passion  in everything I do in all spaces I own, I couldn’t be happier with the design and lighting that your lamp created to whoever goes in the restaurant.

– Did you feel that this addition caused a growth in what concerns the clients affluence?

I think it stimulates curiosity of the street’s pedestrians, as well as the energy felt when they come in and surrender themselves to such “curiosity”. Consequently it has a  bigger flow of customers, I think it is all involved.

– Did the space obtain more notoriety due to this renovation?

Yes, I think that each corner of this space owned more visibility, without running away from the image we are looking for.

-Do you recommend Delightfull as an ideal partner to this kind of ambiances?

I would recommend the place I own to all, I think each setting would have a perfect image for that lamp. Therefore, what would be good for me would also be good to any commercial setting.