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Draga Aurel House Draga Aurel House
mad men vintage lamps

10 best vintage lamps of Mad Men

So Mad Men ended…How will the vintage design lover get their weekly fix now? How will the most ambitious housewife know what chandelier to get for the living room in the house your husband just bought you with the raise he got from the firm? How will they  carry on?

Worry not, little design junkies. In this article, I’m going to show you the best collection of lamps ever shown on Mad Men.

1. The mushroom vintage lamp in Rogers office.

roger office lamps vintage

We are going to miss Roger’s sense of humor. That lamp suits him well!

2. That time when Don’s secretary died.

mad men lamps vintage best 10

She was missed! Oh well, you got to see that lamps though. Their lines are so vintage but yet so modern.

3. Don’s office lamps in this specific scene!

dons office vintage lamps

When Roger came in to Don’s office you knew it’s gonna be good. this time, though, vintage lover got a treat with a glympe of that lamp on the center of the image. So cool…very Don like, don’t you think?

4. Pattern lamps? Oh hush and take my money!

mad men lamps vintage top 10 best

Although Don’s facing a crisis here ( for the thousand time ) you got to see those lamps that are macthy-matchy with the wall pattern but so vintage looking.

5. Perfect Mother, Perfect Daugther, Perfect Lamps.

mad men lamps vintage top 10

We all know the nightmare Betty Draper must have been to the interior decorator until she settle for this vintage green lamps with a very classical design.

6. The  lamps of the living room where Megan sang Zou Bisou Bisou!

mad men lightning vintage lamps

And Don got very upset! You don’t outshine Draper.

8. That lamps in the Megan’s kitchen made your vintage dreams come true!

mad men lamps

Very mid century modern style you just need to have!

9. That evening lightning always made you wish to be born in the 50’s.

mad men lamps vintage lightning

You knew that things were about to get good when the lights dimmed down.

10. That waiting room lamps that hat to share the spotlight with a naked man.


You just knew this one had Roger input all over it.

Mad Men, we are going to miss you. I leave you this treat to cure Mad Men’s blues.

To be enjoyed with a glass of whiskey!

Draga Aurel House