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Novelties & Best Sellers Catalogue 2024

5 ways to Jazz up your home

Vintage is in! The whole vintage attitude is here to stay so you might want to get on board and give a jazzy feeling to your currently neon pop house. Because, let’s face it you aren’t getting any younger and …vintage doesn’t go out of style.

1. Décor with soul

Amy Winehouse inspired lamp by DelightFULL


Basically, I’m telling you to buy a personality. Not really, but you get the point. Choose furniture with a soul, that has a meaning to you, so that your mom, husband or frenemie may go “this is so you!!”.

2. Stick to a theme.

James bond style

There so much from the vintage world you can choose from. To old Hollywood divas, vintage designers, jazz musicians, blues singers to the space exploration years and a James Bond type of feeling that’ll make you stand up in the middle of your living room and say “Shaken, not Stirred”.

3. Less is more.

lessismore tips decor vintage

The most important lesson of all. When it comes to interior designing you’ll always might be tempted to do too much. That’s always a mistake. Go the other direction and have this in mind: the simpler the better. Learn how to edit!

4. Orange might be difficult to pair off.

orange color cordination

Color coordination might be a handful and green and blue might be a difficult pair but only for the closed-minded. The fact is that color coordination is your biggest challenge, if something off in the décor and you can’t quite put your finger on it, it might be that orange color pillow that you somehow don’t know where to put it.
5. Open a bottle of Old Scotch.


If all else fails, call your friends over for a house warming party and blast Sinatra’s classics so loud that your neighbors might either want to join in or…immediately call the cops. In case of the second home, remind them that you are redecorating and they understand what a soul-crushing experience that might be

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