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Top 5 Romantic Lamps

Top 5 Romantic Lamps

You’re wrong if you think that “all you need is love” or that hapiness depends on love and a hut. Look around, don’t you think that the place where you are is important? Everyone knows that romance turns on any moment and you can’t forget that or think that’s not important (trust me, you don’t want a ‘game over’ right?). You’re asking yourself how can you do this.. Let’s start with the lamps. If you want a romantic ambiance for your home, bar or restaurant, you can’t neglect lighting: a bad lamp could turn off all of your romance. It could be a hut but I’ll show you that with the rigth lamp, you can change any place and turn it on the most romantic space.

Now it’s time to fall in love, take a look:

Top 5 Romantic Lamps

That chandelier is perfect for your dining table and turns the ambiance so romantic and charming that leaving the room will be difficult. Impossible not to love that chandelier from DelightFULL. Do you believe that’s totally handmade? Impressive!


Top 5 Romantic Lamps


That’s the perfect solution for your bar, that’s not obviously romantic but that simplicity makes the room warmer. That’s the proof that more romance isn’t always a hard task!

Top 5 Romantic Lamps - Restaurant1


So rustic and charming and looks so confortable. Look at those suspension lamps, they are very discrete and, at the same time, it’s impossible not to look at them with that mix between the white and the transparency. Looks lovely!


Top 5 Romantic lamps



Here is an example of a perfect solution for a romantic bedroom with the wall lamps from DelightFULL. It will be great just like that with a mirror between the two lamps.

top 5 romantic lamps - chandelier

Here you have an idea for an outdoor space. It is perfect for a dinner, a party or a wedding and using a chandelier outside results on a romantic ambiance even in a bigger space.

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