Dawn of Alexander Wang x H&M collection

*heart racing* It’s here! It’s really here! Stop counting the days, stop mouning that the day hasn’t come yet, stop everything RIGHT NOW…because the day is finally here: on November 6th the Alexander Wang’s collection debuts in selected 250 stores worlwide.

Ups! I think my heart might have skipped a beat.

Have you hear the story of a little boy called Alexander Wang? If you haven’t then don’t, Just…don’t. Because everybody that is somebody in the fashion world has been whispering about this designer strong collections that aim to transform previous conceptions of the urban style.








The collaboration with H&M seems to have stroke a chord with fashionistas in the entire world. The brand is renowned for these kind of collaboration making Alexander its 10 collection by famous designers. And when we say famous we really mean that it doesn’t get any better than Alexander Wang right now.

Famous people who love Alexander Wang and ain’t afraid to show it:









In Portugal, this debut is going to be in H&M store in Lisbon. The aim of this collection is to turn the sweatpants from the gym into the cool street wear of the season it’s the new uniform according to Wang. We give you our 3 favorite pieces from this collection:

1. Alexander-Wang-x-HM









It’s OK you have our permission to  kiss the screen or even lick the screen: Time is now.

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