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Top 10 commercial light fixture trends

Current Trend: Custom Handmade Neon Lights

Everybody loves custom things. From fashion to cars and design, custom is the key to sucess. Because if you have a custom piece it means it is yours and yours only and nobody else can afford to have the same thing as you. And that trend tends to rise to interior designs and also lighting pieces. And if you think that neon lights cannot be part of this custome and handmande trend, please think again. In this selection you can appreciate the most recent trends when it comes to cusome and handmade neon lights to use and abuse in you home, restaurant or bar.

Take a look at these images and get inspired by neon lights trend!

current trend custom handmade neon lightsThis fun and colorful custom handmade neon light is perfect to literaly light up your living room in a fun and young mood. This neon letter design is presented by DelightFULL.

current trend custom handmade neon lightsThis custom neon lights are perfect for a vintage bar and can give a fun twist to the interior design. This is a design by DelightFULL.


current trend custom handmade neon lightsThe current trend of custome handmade neon lights goes everywhere. And it looks just wonderful even in a design or art gallery. This is a design by DelightFULL.

current trend custom handmade neon lightsThis restaurant chooses the classic custom handmade neon lights to show it’s name and it looks just the perfect choice to a simple and fun ambience. This is a design by Sideshow Sign Co.

current trend custom handmade neon lightsThis neon sign is the perfect example of the current trend with custom and handmande neon lights. You can have anything you want made of neon lights. This is a design by Sideshow Sign Co.

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