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Draga Aurel Delightfull
Top 10 commercial light fixture trends

Top 5 commercial light fixture trends

Would you like to know everything about the leatest commercial light fixture treds? We have prepared the top 5 commercial light fixture tredns for you. Big variety of modern, gorgeous design.

The first design that we would like to present is made by Louise Bradley. Lovely Louise Bradley Pendant chandelier is perfect for any commercial space. Simple but sophisitcated design.


Compleatly different tredns represents the chandelier Stanley made by DelightFULL. Stanley suspension fixture has a unique sculptural shape. It’s a versatile piece which gives a sophisticated and classy ambiance to any setting. A style icon of the fifties and sixties. This vintage lamp’s structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum with the possibility of having 1 to 5 moveable arms.Top 10 commercial light fixture trends

Our third proposition is one of the best lighting fixture on the market. If you ever ?nd yourself listening to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra while drinking a cocktail, this piece will be there. Sinatra’s light ?xture is simply Delightfull’s best design creation. A sculptural and versatile creation which is suitable for the most demanding setting. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum with the possibility of having 1 to 5 moveable arms.

sinatra susnepsion 1

Our next sugestion is something comleatly diferent. Twiggy Ceiling designed by Marc Sadler in  2007 isample, linear, essential design combined with strong flexibility characterizes the formal elegance and light sophistication of Twiggy.The ceiling model is the maximum expression of flexibility, by rotating 330° it is an optimal solution for decentralizing the light source. Bottom diffuser shields direct view of the lamps.

find the best contemporary chandeliers in UK 4

This time, the lamp that we would like to present is not any more the ceiling fixture but the wonderful, modern and sophisticated wall lamp made by Pablo Limon. This top designer, currently is making design that focuses on functionality, analysis, materials, visual values and sustainability.

vintage lighting find the best wall lamp

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