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Top Cool lamps for your bedroom

Top cool lamps for your bedroom

Our bedroom is an image of us and we always want some personality in it. We use books and printed walls, for example, but we always forget that a cool lamp can do all the job. Irreverent, original, charismatic and beautiful, cool lamps are amazing for an unique lighting. It’s difficult to choose the perfect bedroom or bedside laps but we can’t give up, bedroom lighting is absolutely essential if you want a unique modern bedroom.

Take a look at those examples of our top 5 cool lamps for your bedroom and get inspired by them. You will love those ideas and will want them all for you. Get inspired!

Cuboluce Bedside Lamp from Cini & Nils

Top Cool lamps for your bedroom

That cube is amazing, simple, beautiful and original. It’s the perfect solution for a bedside lamp because it’s discreet and small.

Titanic Lamp from Studio Trvelyan

Top Cool lamps for your bedroom

“Your drop your lamp!” No, I didn´t, it is fine! Titanic lamp are amazing and so original. I want one to my bedroom.

Atomic Table from Delightfull

Top Cool lamps for your bedroom

Atomic is imposing and sophisticated and it will be perfect on your bedroom if ou are looking for a bit of luxury. That’s perfect for you!

Remote Gun Lamp from ‘This is why I’m broke’

Top Cool lamps for your bedroom

How amazing is to turn on and off your bedroom lamp with a remote gun? That’s awesome! I didn’t know about the existance of that lamp but now I’m in love.

Super Mario Coin Block Lamp

Top Cool lamps for your bedroom

Everyone loves Super Mario and everyone remembers those coins. That’s such an amazing idea and it’s a travel to our childhood, perfect for your kids bedroom.