Best modern floor lobby lamps

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We are all aware that most lobbies are tiny and tight and that for that reason, the usual is for the people to choose pendant lighting to this part of the house. However, we believe that also exist some exceptions, and we are hoping to turn your entrance hall into one of them. Floor lamps could be used as well, ok? We understand that it is not easy to do the best choices when it comes to choosing the best modern entryway lighting. But with our help, you can do it. So let’s just do it! ?

During our search, we found this mid-century modern floor lamp with 3 lights. Even the color is perfect. Don’t you agree? The base is tiny so will not occupy much space.

Best modern floor lobby lamps 1

Once we are talking about 3 light lamps, we wanted to show you another cool lamp. This one so modern that can perfectly be mixed with another decor styles, just as you see at the image.

Best modern floor lobby lamps 7

If golden is your favourite color, and you like more luxury and elaborated lamps, here you have the perfect pieces for your entrance. This is the way to get a chic lobby.

Best modern floor lobby lamps 2Best modern floor lobby lamps 4

Another example, this time with a silver body.

Best modern floor lobby lamps 5

And the following lamp will drive you crazy. It remebers the antique Rome, the art era.

Best modern floor lobby lamps 3

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By DelightFULL, this amazing floor lamp:

Turner Floor: a Tina Turner inspired piece, ideal for hotel design projects. It will fit naturally in a lobby entrance or in a lounge area. The large arcs are made of brass and the semi-spherical top cover of aluminum lacquered in glossy white or any other RAL color of your liking.

Best modern floor lobby lamps 8

Hope you’re full of ideas, now! Enjoy and be unique.

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