Cool Retro Lamps

Cool retro lamps

Retro is the new black and we love it, right? Retro is like a mix between past and future and when it comes to lighting, it is the key to have a unique and modern lighting. Everyone loves a retro lamp on the living room, on the bedroom or even in the office because it is a touch of sophistication that give the room a cool ambiance. Relax, it is possible to have a vintage lighting on a modern home, you don’t have to change it all. You just have to adapt and choose the right light fixtures to your ambiance and it will be part of the family as soon as it enters the room.

Here we have some examples of different cool retro lamps from designer lighting for almost a DIY. Remember: cool lamps are always full of personality and distinct pieces. Get inspired!


Cool Retro Lamps

Curves always fit perfect on a luxury living room like that, for example, and Turner lamp are amazing for a sophisticated ambiance.


Cool Retro Lamps

Does your room need a little bit of color? This lamp is very cool, seems a mushroom! It will be great for your bedroom for example, it will be great as a bedside lamp.

Pottery Barn

Cool Retro Lamps3

I imagine this red lamp on a minimal ambiance with a white and grey decoration and with only that color lamp on the bedside table, for example. It is so cool and retro that I want one for my bedroom.

Christian Dell

Cool Retro Lamps

Green and golden is the perfect combination for a table lamp and this one is amazing with the curves on the lampshade and on the base and a straight line on the body. Just love it!

Nilfisk with Kristian Linneberg

Cool Retro Lamps

Use a vacuum cleaner to create a suspension lamp? Yes, it is possible and the result is absolutely amazing! Just love the idea!

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