Luxury suspension chandeliers

Craftsman suspension chandeliers

Have you ever heard about craftsman suspensin chandeliers? They the best, high quality lighting fixture that will bring an unique character to any interior. Each piece is made with heart, dedication and love. Here we would like to present you some interesting solutions.

Boom Boom Burst by Lindsey Adelman, Inspired by combining the look of vintage French jewelry — especially 1930s-era Lanvin collarettes — with a Medieval flail, Burst uses the same essential vocabulary as the Branching series. For Burst, glass bubbles are punctuated by hand-blown glass spikes and “barnacles,” which have been rolled in 24 karat gold foil.

boom boom burst

Inspired by the space with all its galaxies and planets, we are proud to present Cosmo by DelightFULL. A dynamic piece full of energy and versatility, since all its spheres can rotate within 2 axis which enable it to cast light into any spot. Composed by 11 illuminating spheres of different sizes, the majestic lighting piece is made in aluminum and a brass body structure.

Craftsman suspension chandeliers

Neil is Deligthfull’s newest suspension lamp, with round arcs and spherical diffusers it is reminiscent of the golden years of space exploration in the 60’s. It has 8 arms with adjustable lights creating a versatile piece. It also offers the possibility of illuminating only 4 of the 8 diffusers.Craftsman suspension chandeliers

Modo Chandelier by Roll & Hill. For his simple and innovative lighting, Jason Miller draws on everyday aspects of American culture, transforming them into something surprising and beautiful. For his Modo Chandelier (2009), Miller was inspired by off-the-shelf industrial parts like those found on Canal Street, not far from his Brooklyn studio. “We have re-engineered inexpensive parts that are made by the thousands in China or India,” says Miller about the piece’s manufacturing. “Modo’s parts are made by high-end machine shops here in America that typically work for the airline industry. While the inspiration is a bit banal, it is now a very sophisticated product.”

modo chandelier

Some chandeliers can really suprised. Here we have such a example for you. Real craftman suspension chandelier. Simlpe, unique and just gorgeous modern lighting fixture.

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