How to choose the perfect wall sconce

Are you looking for some inspiration on how to choose the perfect wall scone? Here we would like to present some of our creative solutions to transform your interior. Here you can find some most popular wall sconce in 2014. We hope that you will enjoy.

Our first proposition is very sophisticated golden wall scones for your living room. Simply amazing and elegant lighting fixture for most luxurious interiors.

BRUBECK | WALL. Back to art deco and again with musical inspiration, this time through the dramatic pipe organ. Brubeck ?xture is an instant classic sculptural design. An extravagant shape full of re?nement and modernity. This is a natural décor piece which gives a soft and cozy light, great for an exclusive atmosphere. Every brass tube is welded together by hand. Custom made versions upon request.

Ella Wall Lamp by DelightFULL.This is a retro wall ?xture with a simple and strong statement. The diffusers have simple lines that give a sense of balance and freshness to any living room or dining room that intent to enhance its decorative lighting.The structure of this ?xture is handmade is brass and the lampshades in aluminum. Can be placed upwards or downwards.

Tear Drop Glass Wall Sconce This sconce is a simple design full of style and a modern industrial look for the walls. The clear tear drop shape glass hangs from a black cord. The backplate is constructed to resemble a L-bracket and nuts and bolts for a machine made industrial era look.

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 Wire Lampshade Cut a wire lampshade frame in half and crimp aluminum radiator grille around the frame. Line the grille with opaque art paper to diffuse the light. Use a light kit to wire the light, cut off the plug, and hard-wire the sconce to the wall. DIY Tip: Use a high-power, low-wattage LED light for long-lasting luminosity and to prevent the paper from getting too hot.

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