Hotel Decor featuring Copper Lighting

Adding vintage elements of decor makes the clients feel more at home, cozy almost like you were in your parents house.Vintage style decor can be turned up to became more glamorous or it can be turned down to a more rustic, handmade, industrial feeling.

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Hotels explore the more luxurious side of this style of decor. They try to achieve the difficult mix of vintage style year with modern or contemporary lines pieces of decor. When it comes to lighting pieces to add a touch of copper might really make a difference in your interiors. Here’s a list of Hotel’s interior for inspirations purposes!

London’s New Mondrian Hotel’s

Hotel Decor featuring Copper Lighting

A Tom Dixon design studio interior. The nautical theme stops short of the rooms’ dimensions; they don’t have the claustrophobic feel of a real ship’s cabin.

Boutique hotel Das Stue, Berlin

Hotel Decor featuring Copper Lighting

The hotel  features a centrepiece of light installations by Tom Dixon, the other a relaxed interior of slatted walls and skylights.

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Boutique Hotel Chandler New York

Hotel Decor featuring Copper Lighting

The modern copper lighting fixtures hanging overheard are clear, so visually it wouldn’t be a barrier and break up the room.

Scampo Hotel, Boston

Hotel Decor featuring Copper Lighting

Tom Dixon Copper Lighting Pendants making the heart’s of hotel’s guest stop every time they entered the room.

Paramount Hotel, New York


Coltrane’s, DelightFULL best seller fills up the room up with trendy copper light fixtures that resembles birds.

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