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Top 5 Extravagant unique lighting for art lovers

Those are Top 5 Extravagant unique lighting for art lovers. Are you the ones that have the same chandeliers that everyone has? Forget it! If you are an art lover, your house should breathe art too!

I know you want a stylish house. And what’s the best treatment? Paint, wallpaper, lights? I will find the answer, maybe one day. But today, I only have some suggestions for you. You may have a good painting, wonderful wallpapers and I believe it is essential to a good home decor. But if you don`t have the correct illumination, your decor will not shine, it will seem poor design. Ok, lights are a must have, all of us know that, but please, don`t think just about functionality! Lamps are art, are design too, remember always that!

Look at our top 5 extravagant unique lighting for art lovers!

Top 5 Extravagant unique lighting for art loversTop 5 Extravagant unique lighting for art lovers

These two images are amazing for houses with a vintage design. The second image from Delightfull makes everyone feels the jazz in their veins. When you look at it, you just can think about Sinatra, Bb King and other brilliant stars of these ages. The next images have a contemporary and modern style. Just look! Blomst Floor Lamp By Scott Lee Hae Seung-02Top 5 Extravagant unique lighting for art loverstimthumb