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Top 5 outdoor lighting ideas

When it comes to outdoor decoration, things get complicated and it’s difficult to find ideas that help us with our specific space. The true is that when it comes to outdoor lighting, things get even more complicated because there’s not much offer, specially designer lighting. Bigger lamps for bigger spaces isn’t always true ans here you can see that: small lamps, big lamps, modern chandeliers and so many different outdoor lighting fixtures.

It’s really difficult to choose outdoor lights that fit with your ambiance and that aren’t too big or to small. What is more important is that you choose what fits better with you and your house or your restaurant. You can choose pensant lighting, floor lighting or even table lighting but you have to always look around and feel that is in tune with the rest.

Here you have some examples of different ambiances with different choices of outdoor lights and you can get inspired by these images and imagine if these examples are similar to your house or the scenario where you can put an outdoor lamp.

Get inspired and enjoy it!

Best outdoor lamps

Anton Angeli

This big floor lamp is the perfect solution for this small table and give a modern style to the garden that made me want to spend all night here talking with friends and drinking wine.

Best outdoor lamps


That bar in that balcony is so cozy with that floor lamps in white. Just feel like the perfect spot for a relaxed friday night just in the middle of the city.

Best outdoor lamps


Is that an outdoor room? Is that an outdoor chandelier? That’s really impressive and surprising because I would never imagine that atomic black chandelier on an outdoor space. Pretty amazing!

Best outdoor lamps

Davide Groppi

A small and big lamp at the same time and very elegant for your big garden. If you want a discreet lamp, here you have a perfect choice.

Best outdoor lamps


Those Havana Mono Lamps are perfect to this restaurant and give the space a relaxed and warm ambiance, perfect for a date or a dinner with friends.

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