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The best luxury Christmas pendant lighting

It is almost Christmas time and these are days of love, joy and happiness, so it’s time to find out the best luxury Christmas pendant lighting. One of the most important details at this time of the year it’s the decoration. The streets, the shops, the restaurants and most of the houses are decorated with happy colors and beautiful lighting. All the shining lights they recall most of the people for the importance of this touching period. We understand that it is not easy for everyone to reach de most luxurious Christmas pendant lighting. But you certainly can do it yourself, not spending much.

And if you think better about it, when you spend time building things with love, they’ll have twice the importance. They’ll be special and luxurious. At least for you. That’s the reason why Unique decided to find some of the best do it yourself (DIY) suspension chandelier ideas.

All you have to do is to take advantage of your own old (or not) chandelier and hang some pendant Christmas objects. They will change completely, winning a whole new life. Shinning things will make you smile. Let’s go see some of the best tips.

In this first example, was used a piece of a Christmas patterned fabric, and varied red pendant ornaments. Both elements are easy to find and very cheap.

The Best luxury Christmas pendant lighting 1

Here, holly plant and pine cones are the focus. Add some fabric ties, and voi lá, you have a unique lighting.

The Best luxury Christmas pendant lighting 2 The Best luxury Christmas pendant lighting 4

Christmas balls are the classic ornaments. But to be hanged in a tree don’t have to be their only function. You can use them to build your own Christmas Luxury Chandelier. Can’t Believe? We show you!

The best luxury Christmas pendant lighting The Best luxury Christmas pendant lighting 5 The Best luxury Christmas pendant lighting 3

Choose your favourite colors, and create the best eclectic, vintage or modern lighting. It’s all about you and your decor tastes. This is time to let all the joy to appear. And remember: the real luxury comes from inside yourself.

Be happy. Be unique!

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