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Best outdoor lighting ideas for a cocktail party

If you want to receive your family and friends for a cocktail party, you need to work hard on that decoration. Everything is importante about this kind of party: the decor, the seating arrangements, the garden, and especially the lighting.

The lighting really is everything about a outdoor party because it can (both) make or break the mood of your party. It’s very important to have enough clarity for your guests to see each other after dark. Isn’t it?

We find two of the best Foscarini contemporary lighting ideas for your outdoor parties.

In summer, what better than a cool outdoor party? “Solar lights up your desire to spend time outdoors with your friends and loved-ones, with its dual purpose of providing a resting surface teamed with being a lamp. Designed in two versions, indoor and outdoor – they differ in the surface finish and a few shape-related details – Solar is a centre of luminous attraction, in keeping with a comprehensive concept of living whereby a garden or terrace can be turned into a pleasant living area.”

Best outdoor lighting ideas for a cocktail party 1

The Gregg lamp outdoor version has a soft light that is a feature of the collection together with the advantages of plastic that is resistant to knocks and atmospheric agents. Is available in three different sizes and perfect for “lighting and bringing character to all kinds of domestic or collective outdoor spaces.”

Best outdoor lighting ideas for a cocktail party 2

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But how to use lighs at a party?

We sought for the best party ideas for you to be inspired. They’re not cocktail parties, but you can just adapt them to your own kind of rave.

Best outdoor lighting ideas for a cocktail party 3Best outdoor lighting ideas for a cocktail party 4Best outdoor lighting ideas for a cocktail party 5

Remember that everything should be glamorous and cozy at the same time. Because you want to see your guests again, right? So, show them you are a great host and a greater decorator. Be awesome!

Good work!