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Levy Lighting NYC for Joana Vasconcelos: Valkyrie Octopus

Ira Levy from Levy Lighting, the New York-based lighting design company, collaborated with Portuguese international renown artist Joana Vasconcelos to illuminate her Valkyrie Octopus sculpture, created for the Grande Praça at the heart of MGM MACAU.

Levy Lighting NYC for Joana Vasconcelos: Valkyrie Octopus

In this location inspired installation, Joana Vasconcelos draws from the marine and the maritime and connects with the Portuguese heritage of Macau. The artist brings to Macau a magical universe of cultural exchanges and meeting of opposites, with a dramatic scenario, conceived by the designer Ira Levy.


Levy Light NYC for Joana Vasconcelos: Valkyrie Octopus

Central to the exhibition is Valkyrie Octopus, the largest piece to date in her iconic Valkyries series which has been the nucleus of the artist’s practice since 2004. This amorphous organic form hangs from the skylight dome of MGM MACAU’s central atrium. The various textures and richness of detail in the piece result from Vasconcelos’ practice of appropriating textiles and ornaments of different origins. She combines artisan techniques such as crochet and Nisa embroidery with thousands of LED lights and boldly colored, patterned materials embellished with various kind of beads in a patchwork of patterns, shapes, and textures.

Levy Ligh NYC for Joana Vasconcelos: Valkyrie Octopus

As an additional theatrical effect, the public will witness the dramatic light performance created by Ira Levy to illuminate the artwork. Reflecting on what initially inspired Joana Vasconcelos for her iconic Valkyries series, Ira Levy designed a show based on the relationship between the sculpture and the classic symphony by Wagner Ride of The Valkyries. With the contribution of Zero Times Everything, Ira Levy used a modern version of the majestic Wagner’s piece in dialog with the light of the exhibition.
The visitor will be unexpectedly overwhelmed by different colors coordinated with music from different angles of the Grande Praça of MGM.

Levy Ligh NYC for Joana Vasconcelos: Valkyrie Octopus

Bringing the focus back to the role of Valkyrie Octopus, Ira Levy’s creative use of innovative solutions will give to the monumental work by Joana Vasconcelos a striking theatrical effect, involving the public in a unique immersed perceivable experience.

Levy Ligh NYC for Joana Vasconcelos: Valkyrie Octopus

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