7 rising talents of Maison & Objet America

Want to know the rising talents of this year’s show? It’s time to hit the beach and no other than Miami beach. Maison&Objet is just around the corner! So it’s time to pull up your notebooks and start taking notes because today we are going to talk about all the rising talents worth seeing at MO America 1st edition and also the top brands showing there. Buckle up!

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7 rising talents of Maison & Objet America

An architect before becoming a designer and a rising talent, Max Gunawan is the father of Lumio, an inventive nomadic lamp in book form which when opened lights through all the pages. Based in San Francisco, this darling of the American trade press loves multi-faceted, multi-purpose objects, expressed through minimalist lines. At MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS 2015, he will once again show off his talent through a piece of modular furniture whose shape and height adapt to its owner. We can’t wait.



7 rising talents of Maison & Objet America

Casey Lurie, another one of the rising talents, loves wood and proves it in his very personal way. After training as a woodworker in Los Angeles and spending three years in Tokyo as resident designer for Idée, the Japanese furniture manufacturer, he set up a studio in Chicago. His work celebrates the techniques of artisanal woodwork—especially Japanese ones—bringing to live collections of furniture, lighting and everyday objects mixed with high-tech details and a hint of American pragmatism.



7 rising talents of Maison & Objet America

The young head designer has a 4 million companies like BOCA DO LOBO at his feet. From the head of this designer, has come to us the most amazing designs from the Pixel cabinet to the Diamond safe and Heritage sideboard. All pieces of this Portuguese brand are well known to the luxury-loving crowd.

BOCA DO LOBO, Portugal



7 rising talents of Maison & Objet America

With a Master of Arts and Design from Kingston University in London, the Austro-Mexican David Pompa Alarcón is the founder of his eponymous interdisciplinary design studio. Based both in Mexico City and Austria, he delves into reinterpreted crafts in Mexico, in a contemporary vein. His creations revisit the country’s traditional techniques and materials in order to better reveal little-known cultural traditions.




A metal magician, Leo Capote grew up in São Paulo, in an ironworks shop, where he learned as a child to befriend hammers, bolts, and nails. The result: he created his first design piece at the age of… ten. Since then, he has had a special relationship with metals; he recycles them to turn them into objects, furniture and unusual works of art. After working with the Campana brothers, he founded the design Officina Outro studio in São Paulo along with the artist Marcelo Stefanovicz.


7 rising talents of Maison & Objet America

DeligthFULL’s  Diogo Carvalho is proof that once you got talent you can do anything. At the age of 29 he explains the secret behind the 3 million euro company:  “Our unique brand is made of persistent people that always try to surpass the limits: from the designers to the craftsman, client relations team, marketing team, press relations and content managers, there’s a valuable team working hard for the brand”, he explains. Diogo knows well what are the elements that turn Delightfull into a unique lighting brand requested for international projects such as Paramount Hotel, in New York and Delightfull International Corner at Harrods, in London. “In one word, versatility. Heritage Collection is suitable for any ambiance, since classics to urbans, minimalistic or even luxurious”, says.

7 rising talents of Maison & Objet America

Trained in industrial design, this Colombian designer, born in Bogota, is also passionate about photography and kinetic art. Influenced by these three disciplines, his woven chairs are more like paintings, in which the lines and colors explore optical illusions and the abstract power of heightened graphic design. A geometric world close to the artist’s paintings and photographic “assemblages.”


SEE ALSO: Maison & Objet Miami : DelightFULL heads to the Beach!

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