Enjoy DelightFULL Exclusive 10% Extra Sales Discount

EXTRA SALES DISCOUNT! Yes, you read well: DelightFULL has prepared a unique campaign to interior designers and shops, giving them a chance to profit an extra 10% on selected DelightFULL pieces, in addition to their trade discount. How well does it sound?

Start to choose through the 7 masterpieces selected for DelightFULL Spring Flash Sales. Heritage is the elected collection which you can get the best spring deals as you dive into the best Stil Novo lamps: Galliano and Brubeck wall, for instance.

stilnovo wall lamp Enjoy DelightFULL Exclusive 10% Extra Sales DiscountGalliano wall lamp

Brubeck wall is a natural décor piece which gives a soft and cozy light, great for an exclusive atmosphere and now it’s for sale with 10% extra discount. It is prepared to work with LED lighting.

vintage wall lamp Enjoy DelightFULL Exclusive 10% Extra Sales Discount

Brubeck wall lamp

Open your wallet and go for the jazzy Amy Floor, an intemporal tribute to the singer.

amy floor lampAmy floor lamp

Go through the classics and choose the 50’s Sinatra Floor, the cool and happy Billy Table, the shiny Brubeck Wall, the bestseller Coltrane suspension and the golden Brubeck Suspension. 

vintage floor lamp Enjoy DelightFULL Exclusive 10% Extra Sales DiscountSinatra floor lamp

Good news: they are all available at a reduced price with different finishes. Get your Coltrane Suspension with a symbolic price.

vintage suspension lamp

Coltrane Suspension 

Brubeck suspension is also now with a special discount. This extravagant piece full of re?nement and modernity will light up the most demanding project.

suspension lampBrubeck suspension

This campaign is ideal for interior designers that are seeking for unique pieces in order to develop their projects. For desk solutions, we suggest Billy table lamp.

stilnovo lampBilly table lamp

This is the chance to get lighting design pieces at a very nice price. So, what are you expecting? Get now your favorite vintage lamps!

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