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Best Interior Design Coffee Shops Ever

Let’s get to know the best interior design coffee shops ever?


Aiji Inoue coffee shop

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With Doyle Collection‘s signature, this original space is located in a hotel in Kagoshima, Japan. It has the power of turning people relaxed and ready to enjoy a fresh momentum. Aiji Inoue was finished in October 2011 and it has a 161.9 square meters. Fullfiled with 75 seats perfectly arranged for a delicious snack, you can reach it in the first floor of the high-grade hotel built in the shopping quarter ‘Tenmonkan’ inKagoshima.

Stock Coffee

design coffe shop Best Interior Design Coffee Shops Ever

Stock Coffee was projected by Arhitektura Budjevac, an architectural design studio based in Serbia. The defy was to create a welcoming coffee shop. The cabinet transformed a former retail space into a fresh coffe shop in Niš. The new building is made of 2 L-shaped spaces, one above the other, connected by an atrium. The Serbian artist Jelena Ili uses its talent to draw in the blackboard that is projected in the large wall.

Hi/Lo Dutch Coffee Shop

hi-lo-design coffe  Best Interior Design Coffee Shops Ever

The owners have to deal with all sorts of people, so, it was given a lot of attention to the materials that furnished the place. It is a relaxing place to take your favourite coffee. To keep everything looking brand new as much as possible, materials that are ash and roach-resistant were used, including thick leather, steel and glass.

Caelito Cafe

caelito coffe Best Interior Design Coffee Shops Ever

“Caelito Cafe” concept was inspired on Mexican style, with a rich cultural character that can be seen in the coffee illustrations, each one with colorful draws. The interior reflects a neo-retro style, inherited by the Latin American culture. It shows a mix of of bright colors like orange and light blue in combination with a black graphic design. It creates a fancy vibe that combines past and contemporary styles, turning into a cozy funny setting.

Vanilla coffee shop

vanilla coffe shop

Designed by Ariel Aguilera and Andrea Beneyi, Vanilla is a fairy tale coffe house with pink patterns. Though it’s a tiny coffee shop, it has embedded a very retro feel. It’s brighter than most designs shown and it looks like the perfect corner of a warm home. The simplicity of the coffe shop is enhanced by the color of the accent wall, turning it more lovely.

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