Loving Mid Century Modern Interiors

Studio Neopolis designed the interior of this mid century modern apartment in Banská Bystrica town, in the middle Slovakia.


Studio Neopolis completed this charming apartment in Banská Bystrica town in the middle Slovakia. Take a look at the photos below and if you have any inquiries, here is the project description: “The interior is designed for young single man which is truck driver, so he spends a lot of time out of home. Requests for design and visage was simple – minimal clear design with minimum of decorations and with use of basic colors – red, black and white (the client is big fan of KISS).

Loving Mid Century Modern Interiors

Red, black and white are the main colors used in this so modern project with some mid centiry modern details as the lighting and the seatings.

Loving Mid Century Modern Interiors

It may be difficult to see mid century elements in this project thanks to the simple lines of all the furniture, but if you look with attention you’ll see.

Loving Mid Century Modern InteriorsDelightFULL Unique LampsLoving Mid Century Modern Interiors

Also, there was a request to hang as many as possible pieces of furniture at the wall, without the legs – for automatic vacuum cleaner. The color of floors and doors was set – oak wood, but the other colors was chosen in the philosophy of: less is more. Beside the red, black and white color there is only one more color – gray, which makes the whole interior less aggressive.

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