The Best Book Covers of 2015

[tps_header]We know that’s on the inside that counts. So it is with books. But what about getting the best of both worlds? The outside catches your attention, that scientifically proven. Some book covers can lead you to choose a book above all else. But why? Why do some covers have that effect on us? I prefer that the interiors contain answers and the book covers ask questions.

To see publishers answer this concern with the craft, sophistication and pictorial wit that go into an increasing number of book covers each year reinforces the certainty that one of our oldest technologies remains one of our most perfect.

Below are 12 book covers from 2015 that made me stop, stare and ask aloud to no one in particular what the cover means, only to turn to the first page and then the following and then the one after that and onward.



The Best Book Covers of 2015

“The Complete Stories” by Clarice Lispector

Designed by Paul Sahre

Publisher: New Directions

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