The Most Effective Ways to Remodel Your Living Room delightfull

The Most Effective Ways to Remodel Your Living Room

Take a look at your living room. Scratched floors, damaged walls and old-fashioned sofas? Oh, my! Time to remodel! You can enhance the style, change the room’s looks and still be on budget. Any respectful interior designer would tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your living room into a high-end looking space.

Remodeling is quite different from redecorating. It’s not as easy as throwing a few new pillows on the sofa and rearranging the furniture. It requires fundamental changes. Still, you don’t have to change just about everything in the living room unless is absolutely necessary. Since each space has a unique character and each person has different aesthetics and needs, we simply offer you some ideas on how you can remodel your living room effectively.


The Most Effective Ways to Remodel Your Living Room  novamobil

Interior design ideas for complete living room transformation:

Add Some Wall Character

Moldings have a way of making a room look splendid. Install crown molding, but also white wainscoting with baseboards and chair rails. The color of the wall must match the impression you want to give. If you are looking for a soothing, elegant touch, go for pale beige or grey. Break monotony by choosing a smashing red or green for the wall.

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“Just as the right tie can really make a suit, or a well-chosen accessory can add some pop to an outfit, molding can turn a plain square room into a true showpiece.”


Living Room Window Trim

It makes a statement. If you have a patio door or put moldings on the doorway, choose the same design so that it will let the eye flow. Plastic molding is often more inexpensive. This is important if there are plenty of windows in the living room.

Take Care of the Floor

This is basics. If you can afford wood floors, go for it. It’s the best choice for living rooms. To reduce expenses, choose laminate. It has a similar effect.

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Tear Walls Down

Tear down all walls that obstruct sunlight and vision, and make the room look small. Just make sure it’s safe. This way, you can connect the living room with the dining room and enjoy the convenience of the open space.

How Much Living Room Remodeling will Cost You

It depends on the size of the living room and the construction work. To get an idea, hardware floors are priced around $10/sq.ft..Wainscoting prices start from $7 and go up depending on material, depth, size and style.

For moldings, you will spend from $300 to $1,500. You will pay the same to change the windows (it depends on how many windows you want to replace), but less if you want to add moldings. Don’t forget that labor work costs more if the technicians have to remove existing panels, casings, moldings, ceilings or floors.

Simple Decorative Tricks Make the Difference

There are two basic elements, which are the basics for total living room transformation.

The Most Effective Ways to Remodel Your Living Room hanna suspension lamp

* Lighting: Use lights to create relaxing corners, play with shades and read. So, you should have several options. You can find great lights in flea markets, garage sales, and second-hand stores, but they might need some treatment. Floor lights are easy because you can easily move them from one corner to the next. Pay attention to ceiling lights. Pendants are nice for cathedral ceilings and spotlights would look great in coffered ceilings.

The Most Effective Ways to Remodel Your Living Room cediling

Ceiling transformation–don’t underestimate the importance of your living room’s fifth wall: the ceiling. The dimension of waffle ceilings ranges from 3” to 12”, but it will depend on ceiling height. The materials range from red oak and walnut to MDF and foam. The choices in terms of design, materials and prices vary and so you can stay on budget and enjoy the great impact a coffered ceiling offers.

Depending on ceiling height, install deep and swallow, vaulted, stained, tray, cathedral, and octagon coffered ceilings. Also take advantage of the design to play with some extraordinary coffered ceiling lighting ideas to create the expected effects in the living room.

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*Colors: Match and don’t mix too many colors. If you like intense colors, choose one wall to paint it blue, black or red. Use pale shades for the rest and play with the same color palette with upholstery, too. Colors are perhaps the powerful tools of interior design and the determinants of the final outcome and your mood.

It’s important to plan everything ahead. Start by checking out all corners and thinking about style. Do you want nostalgic, contemporary, country or chick looks? Choose colors accordingly!

Some Living Room Decorative Ideas?

*Change upholstery

* Rearrange furniture

* Paint an old table

* Paint the bookcase in a different color

* Stencil some parts of the floor

* Hang shelves

* Create cozy corners with a chair and a table

The Most Effective Ways to Remodel Your Living Room

There are hundreds of ideas for living room transformation. No matter what you choose, the room will look spectacular. Wouldn’t you like to live in an inspiring environment?

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The color of the wall must match the impression

To reduce expenses, choose laminate

Use lights to create relaxing corners

great impact a coffered ceiling offers

Colors are perhaps the powerful tools

This article was written by Dale Robbins, from Accent Haus


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