Rue Monsieur Paris’ New Luxury Furniture Pieces

Rue Monsieur Paris is a French luxury furniture company looking for a new art of fine living in which elegance and simplicity of forms are relevant. During Maison et Objet Paris was launched ‘The Amazon’, the new collection created by RMP. A collection that we believe is very interesting for your living room design projects.

Two new drinks cabinets and a coffee table are the latest additions to the catalogue of Marjan DENKOV (artistic director) and  Marcin KOKOWSKI (director). Take a look!


‘Bird of Paradise’ Drinks Cabinet is an exceptional piece.

Rue Monsieur Paris’ New Luxury Furniture Pieces

Inlayed with Empress Green French marble, it is adorned with a pair of spectacular door handles, shaped as wings in white corian, embellished with brass buttons. The base is inlayed with brass, the drawers with corian, black lacquer and seamlessly incorporated automatic interior lighting contribute to this genuine design curiosity piece, imposing, elegant and beautifully contemporary. Green marble veins create an organic performance whereas the symmetric white wings impose a certain military rigidity. A bird escaping the lush green tropical forest flying up high. Artistic Director Marjan DENKOV seeks inspiration in ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull – A Story’ by Richard Bach, stepping up towards the light.


‘Storm’ Drinks Cabinet is inspired by a violent storm.

Rue Monsieur Paris’ New Luxury Furniture Pieces
Its patterns are sharpened, colours immaculate and flabbergasted. This (luxury furniture) cabinet plays with, luminosity and rigour through a polarised fusion of materials. A combination of lacquered doors in marble marquetry, seamlessly incorporated automatic interior lighting, interior mirrored back, glass shelves and a solid berlinia precious wood structure results in an extraordinary and generous piece.


The ‘Storm’ motif also adorns a new Coffee Table.


Remarkable furniture pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and very functional have been designed in natural materials such as wood, stone and glass. A contemporary design employing upstanding techniques such as marble and wood marquetry and lacquered painting set apart Rue Monsieur Paris’ collections.

Rue Monsieur Paris’ New Luxury Furniture Pieces
Designs by Rue Monsieur Paris are the result of a minimalist, geometric and organic approach. Its luxury furniture pieces, evoke the mid-20th-century British sculpture and Op Art in their monolithic and hybrid forms, such as an art object.

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