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Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL’s “Back to Classics” Collection

Old Days Are Not Always Gold, But DelightFULL’s Mid Century Inspired “Back To Classics” Collection Is Always More Than Gold!

Just because 2018 is already here, it doesn’t mean we can keep a little bit of past Heaven times alive! DelightFULL, one of the most acclaimed mid century modern brands of all, started this year with a recap to all their classic lighting designs, time traveling to the gold old mid century days when the musical heritage and jazz inspiration were the DelightFULL’s only inner self!


Turner, The Ultimate Dancing Experience

Turner is probably the grooviest lighting design featured in the DelighFULL Lighting range! Inspired in the one and only dance floor queen, Tina Turner, this Art Deco table lamp is handmade in brass an aluminum. This “back to classics” collection design, features 5 movable arches that can be adjusted to every desire, and that instantly recall the unspeakable and peerless dance moves of Tina Turner herself!

If you were looking for a way to bring the groove into your house, Turner table is the best mirror ball of all!

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection


Coltrane, Tearing Traditional Industrial Styles Apart

Are you looking for a revolutionary yet minimalistic mid century lamp idea for your studio? Then, Coltrane Suspension is the only possible answer for that issue!
Bringing in the soul and heartfelt melodies from the 50’s and 60’s, Coltrane Suspension is a mid century jazz inspired lighting design, all handmade in steel and subtle enough to lighten up your place, without overshadowing your other furniture items!

This suspension lamp features a steel cord and a magnetic disc at the top, and its one of DelightFULL’s best sellers, constantly evoking the old golden days of the sax chords and blues!

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection


Amy, The Outrageous Hypnotizing Voice

Amy, the wordless, incomparable, tremendous and bolder voice in DelightFULL’s “Back to Classics” Edition, and it couldn’tt be any other way! We bow to one of the greatest artist of all time, who unfortunately was taken too soon, Amy Winehouse, the inspiration behind this mid century iconic lamp!

This table lamp is handmade in a glossy black lampshade that tried to recreate her iconic messy hair, and features a small brass detail that instantly reminds us of her so well knows golden earrings!

So, if you’re interested in bringing into your home the soul and memory of Amy Winehouse, then Amy Table Lamp is simply the best way to revive the old times!

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection


Botti, The Unique Saxophone Musical Key

If there’s something that completely characterizes DelightFULL’s musical heritage and her mid century old days approach, is this lighting design, Botti Suspension.
Inspired by the mesmerizing trumped player, Chris Botti, this jazz inspired design is handmade in brass and boasts a sophisticated gold-plated finish, leaving everyone that encounters it, dazzled by its style and dimension!

Part of DelightFULL’s “Back to classics” collection, this is the perfect shot of what DelightFULL used to be and how the musical heritage in inherent in their core.

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection


Galliano, The Less Is More Mirror

Galliano Wall is one of DelightFULL’s best sellers, constantly overwhelming every jazz lover with its simplicity, minimalistic approach and musical heritage. This wall lamp is made of iron and features a matte black exterior and a gold powder paint interior finishing, which gives it the perfect humble yet sophisticated look.

Are you a low key person looking for something mid century inspired and sophisticated with a hidden secret to match your personality? Then Galliano wall will be your new best friend, with the most well hidden secret of all, a unique lighting effect due to the light being casted thought its pipes.

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection


Diana, The Traditional DelightFULL’s Approach

Diana floor, one of the most iconic lamp ideas ever produced by DelightFULL, a lighting design with an industrial modern twist and just the right amount of roughness and simplicity.
Having the honor to be the tallest floor lamp of all DelightFULL’s collection, Diana Floor is handmade in steel with a nickel plated finish, featuring what can be called as a large proportions lamp shade that features a glossy red lacquer on the outside, that can easily be customized to other colors.

We couldn’t end this Back to classics showing , without mentioned this super iconic lamp design, that will look perfect in a relaxed, mid century industrial style loft or studio!

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection


Take a look at the Infographic below and travel to the Golden 50’s and 60’s days, with DelightFULL’s Back to classics” collection!

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection


We really hope you liked our article. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. You can visit DelightFULL’s Inspirations page as well as our pinterest boards in order to get more inspirations about lighting designs, mid-century modern style, unique things in the world and so much more.

Empty Your Pockets W/ DelightFULL's "Back to Classics" Collection