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Essential Guide To Fine Dining_ 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan

Essential Guide To Fine Dining: 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan

Get The Best Fine Dining Experience In The City Of Style!

Milan Design Week is looming on the horizon… Are you set on making your comeback to the city of design in April 2018? Because we sure are! With that in mind, we must give you the must-try restaurants you definitely have to visit while you’re in Italy! Fine dining never too much, right? give a round of applause to the 8 fine dining restaurants to not miss in Milan!

Ready to get on the dining scene?


Milan. Located in one of the most want-to-visit countries in Europe, Italy offers excellent design, good food and great people. But someone mentioned food, right? Going from the traditional food to the avant-garde cuisine, exploring the city of fashion and design in good company was never that much of a task. So, let’s start with…

Nobu Milan

Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 1

Innovation is the keyword when we mention Milan. So, why not go for a sushi trip on your first day? Nobu Milan is the marriage between the high-end Italian fashion of Armani with quality like no other of world-renowned sushi.

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Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 2

Awarded with two Michelin stars, this is a traditional family restaurant. Run by Aimo and Nadia, this Italian restaurant is certainly one of the must-visits while you stay in the city! About the menu, you can count on with the Tuscan flavours present including the Italian flavoured dishes such as sirloin of veal mountain Fassona.

La Brisa

Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 3

Nestled in the vicinity of an ancient Roman site in the city centre, this top Italian fine dining restaurant is the one to offer you one of the most unique experiences. Conceived as a quiet sanctuary in the midst of the city’s buzz, the courtyard space of La Brisa, presents the guests with plenty flavours and colours. With a  refined veranda-like interior will surely warm your summer nights.

Nerino Dieci

Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 5

With an impressive menu, this restaurant is run by chef Sandro Caputo. This little-hidden gem of Milan‘s dining scene makes the most of its small interiors. A small environment yet simple and exquisite interiors make a not to miss stop.

Chic’n Quick

Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 4

If you’re looking for a trendier place to have dinner or lunch, then this is the place for you. Chic’n Quick offers you an unpaired combination of traditional flavours with a modern twist. With daily proposal varying according to the seasonal produce, one of the must-tries is the Maccheroncini cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) with fiori di zucchina e guanciale with, of course, a touch of the local wine.

Diana Floor Lamp

Al Pont de Ferr

Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 6

A century-old restaurant, Al Pont de Ferr is nestled near a canal that was designed by the one and only Leonardo da Vinci! With a welcoming and rustic atmosphere, the guests guarantee that you’ll set to have a pleasant and welcoming stay here! Filled with unique accessories, this restaurant exudes tradition while having a pinch of a modern twist in it. A masterful menu crafted by Chef Matias Perdomo brings you some of the many unique experiences you’re set to have in here.


Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 7

Don’t be so surprised if you see Orlando Bloom or Giorgio Armani enjoying dinner while you have yours. The unique interiors are a marvel to look at: from bookshelves to a striking mosaic floor, the exquisite surroundings are certainly a plus. That and the wonderful Italian cuisine prepared like no other, you won’t be disappointed here.


Essential Guide To Fine Dining 8 Restaurants To Not Miss In Milan 8

The last stop on your visit must be Cracco. One of the most awarded restaurants in Milan, counting with two prestigious two-Michelin stars and has been listed in San Pellegrino’s 100 best restaurants awards! According to Elite Traveler,”Chef Carlo Cracco is actively updating Milanese cuisine. Sample his renowned egg yolk spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli or black cod glazed with honey, coffee and broccoli. Expect these dishes to be well accompanied with the finest wines by the restaurant’s award-winning sommelier.”


» Did you enjoy our essential guide to a fine dining experience in Milan?

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