…And That’s What You Missed On ICFF 2018!

With all of these in your hand, what are your home renovations going to be?

ICFF 2018 had a lot to take in. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2018 was a blast and today we’re going to bring it all the highlights of this incredible interior design trade show! In addition to bringing some of the freshest designs introduced by brands, designers and studios, this year brought along a fashion collection and new collaborations. So, get comfortable in your seat, we’re going to bring the best highlights of the trade show you won’t want to miss.


And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 8

The 2018 edition of  ICFF New York brought along some of the freshest interior design tips to get around all year. Presenting innovations and new takes on the contemporary world, this year did not disappoint when it comes to getting the modern and contemporary world together in all types of furnishing, lighting and decor. Our amazing team gathered all the isles and collected all the gossip about the freshest minds in the world of interior design.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 1

This year’s ICFF welcomed the wood like no other. As nature calls, this year plants, wood, colours that appeal to the wildest senses made a colourful and happy appearance in many stands. This was embraced by many brands such as Skylar Morgan Furniture + Design that carried with it this amazing stools in the form of arched loggias.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 2

Although wood made a feature of itself, splashes of colour in the furniture made a key feature on itself. Inspired by the mid-century design, the Los Angeles based brand had some of the unique pieces that captured the eye of the beholder. With bright hued sliding doors, the bright colour makes the perfect marriage into this piece of handmade furniture.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 3

The mid-century style was one of the highlights of the New York trade showOne of the scene stealers was absolutely lighting. With a quality like no other, the inspiration behind these iconic lighting designs is brought to you by DelightFULL in partnership with Covet House. The charm and intensity of the mid-century style grabbed the attention of the viewers like no other. Handcrafted, the stand counted with multiple inspirations from the jazz world, just like one of our favourites, Frank Sinatra, here represented as a customized floor lamp.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 4

When we speak about some of the best highlights of the season, we need to mention the presence of wall covering making a big comeback. Announced as one of the interior design trends of 2018, new styles of wallpaper are making an appearance and revamping the world of walls. Among the stylish offerings this year, Lincrusta brought a new process into it. Deep and dramatic textures were the ones who stole the scene.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 5

But speaking about home decor. Retro touches were brought alive by IXOOST’s with speakers built from real Ferrari parts! A fusion of the physical auto instrument with the melody that comes from your favourite tunes was exhibited in New York and we couldn’t be more surprised.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 7

With a foot in the retro touches and the other on the opposite side of the spectrum, Polart had one of the most vibrant stands. Featuring accessories that combine the most used items of them all –  a traditional bust with a twist.  Combining the brands signature of neon colours the result is an iconic piece for the lovers of the unusual and eccentric.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 9

Different aesthetics call for different and dramatic finishes and touches. This was brought by the french area of ICFF. With a series of vignettes featuring several designers of the French culture, a series of unusual, whimsical aesthetics were in the palm of your hand.

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 10

Habitat Expo

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 10

Habitat Expo came and went and our mid-century lighting designs stole the show. In partnership with Covet House, the incredible Mexican trade fair made it possible to encounter some of the best scene stealers of the incredible country of Mexico. In the words of our team –  “The country is astounding and it is filled with potential.”

Honourable Mention

And That's What You Missed On ICFF 2018! 11

With all these on your plate, we couldn’t let Habitat Expo 2018 out of our hands. We’d like AD Mexico for this wonderful piece showcasing DelightFULL’s mid-century lighting design, Atomic.


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