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Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design

Making the magic of design since 2002!

Genne Architecture is an importante architecture and interior design office that has the aim to give its clients the best of luxury of design. Continue scrolling to know all about the person behind the magic, and discover the most important design projects!

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Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design

Tatyana Nikolaevna Gennes

Tatyana Gennes is the founder of the “Architectural Workshop of Gennes“. She is an architecture, and she finished her studies in the Belarusian Polytechnic Academy, and nowadays she is a member of the International American Institute of Architects.

She decided to create her own project in 2002, and that’s when Genne Architecture was born! The love for luxury and design! Currently, she is working in  Kaliningrado, Russia, and her project is all about architecture, interior design, and landscape design.

She has a wide range of worldwide projects, however the most famous ones are Manila, Russia, and the beer German restaurant in Orenburg.

Turner Family


 Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design
Genne Architecture works in several different projects, since architecture, interior design, and landscape design, like it was said before. Every project is done from scratch and the attention to detail is key!
Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design
Tatyana guarantees a professional approach, and each project is unique.


Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design
Gennes Architecture also work with different interior design projects, even the ones that are more complex.
Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design
Luxury, lightness and quality of design. This is what best characterize the work of Tatyana.


Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design

It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by the most famous project of Gennes Architecture! “Manila” is a beautiful private house project that was exactly what the client, an architecture, requested!

Genne Architecture: The Luxury And Excellence Of Design

The architect was looking for something elegant and classy, however with a touch of modern functionality. Tatyana to deliver what her client was envisioning decided to create two open spaces, on the first floor, and she took advantage of all the natural lighting! The final result? An opening space, elegant, luxurious and light!

Genne Architecture

This specific client had a special request! He wanted two kitchens, so he could invite all his friends and family for his private parties.

Genne Architecture

The smooth curves of the staircase, combined with the open spaces and the light colors delivered exactly what the client was looking for. Tatyana started this project from the very first sketch, and her client saw every step.

Genne Architecture

On the second floor, she decided to create a more informal environment. The main room has an entire wall in glass, however who is outside cannot see a thing! It’s like her client can have a special and secret window to the wonders of his outdoor design!

Genne Architecture

Last, but not least, she also worked on the roof’s architecture. She created several different layers and chose the most suitable lighting design pieces for her project.

Genne Architecture

ALL PHOTOS © Genne Architecture

The final result was an outstanding luxurious and classy private home that will definitely enlighten those who live there, and those who attend the house!

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