All You Need To Make Your Interiors Shine W/ Fabiia UK

Design as communication language is with Fabiia

Founded by Shija Walia and Jiten Walia, Fabiia UK counts with several years in the business of design. Born out of love and passion for design and entrepreneurship, the vibrant company that has been making their name in the world has now an enviable collection of products to offer. Published in over 50 magazines and with offices in paradises such as UK and Dubai, Fabiia is now the name you need to have in the tip of your tongue when you want to have the best high quality services and pieces to your project.

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All You Need To Make Your Interiors Shine W/ Fabiia

With core values such as quality, honesty and integrity there’s nothing that can go wrong, right? Creating experiences into any design project they put their hands on, Fabiia UK goes beyond the ordinary when it comes to offering premium services and high quality pieces. A people matter kind of philosophy, the effect that each piece and each and every project plays into the customer satisfaction is why the company is so popular.

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All You Need To Make Your Interiors Shine W/ Fabiia

Creating spaces that people will enjoy and thrive in, the interior design projects of Fabiia UK are there to create auras and behaviours at the same time. Enhancing and amplifying the lives of those who use them, from boho-chic home accessories to modern pendant lighting designs, your own unique style and design will gain life. With a wide range of services and projects, the UK company has a limitless care when it comes to clients.

All You Need To Make Your Interiors Shine W/ Fabiia

Fitted for every kind of design project, Fabbia UK has something for every taste. Be it indoor or outdoor, the UK company offers a complete set of design elements you might want to have a look at! Graceful, trendy and always with the very best outcome, the high quality elements of Fabiia UK will leave you wondered.

As we’re speaking about design projects, hospitality design is always a must see. Helping turn dreams into reality, we all know that furniture can make or break the room, so we’re guiding you on the right path – with a complete and different mix of styles, be it colour, size or creative design, iconic pieces can be seen throughout the whole collection of furniture, lighting, among others. Don’t wait to have a peek at design pieces by Arne Jacobsen, Nanna Ditzel and Franco Albini and DelightFULL!

All You Need To Make Your Interiors Shine W/ Fabiia


With a contract feature, Fabiia UK aims to target the ones who want designer pieces for every type of project. A fabulous way to get your dreams come true, the design company strives to serve every client as they deserve and strives to be among the leading hospitality companies.

“We are so fascinated by the effect of interiors on people who use them and how these spaces create certain moods and behaviours in people. We believe that spaces play a host to the people who use them and it is therefore important for them to be designed with care and consideration so that people can thrive and enjoy the space at the same time.”, Fabiia UK


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