What's Hot On Pinterest_ Mid-Century Modern Decor!

What’s Hot On Pinterest: Mid-Century Modern Decor!

All About A Mid-Century Aura!

We’re returning with one of your most loved signatures, What’s hot on Pinterest is once again back on Unique blog and we couldn’t wait to share the news. This week we’re following the mid-century modern decor and how it goes hand in hand with what you migth waht to do next year! Be it in your bedroom or living room, we’re going on a journey to see how it pairs so well in a nowadays home.


Pastels and neutrals always went hand in hand don’t you think? This weeks hot on Pinterest is all about making sure you have the better open floor plan design ever. Bring the nature into your kitchen/dining room design and paint that bright yeallow of the sun in. To pair it nicely go with some wood elements in your seating arrangement and when it comes to lighting, industrial style lamps are the ones that will serve you better!

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What's Hot On Pinterest: Mid-Century Modern Decor!

Pink, pink, pink, Everything is slightly better with pink in the mixture! The elegance of this modern home decor is just what we want for our next year mid-century modern decor! Simple lines, wood tones and pastels to die for are definetely going to be the focus point for our modern home design!

Editor’s Choice !

What's Hot On Pinterest: Mid-Century Modern Decor!

Who said green can’t be the colour of your bedroom? This splashy tones of green just goes with well spent nights and creativity to a max. Combine this by having a one of a kind experience in textile when it comes to getting your bedroom design set! Some black tones here and there can definetely make a difference !

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What's Hot On Pinterest: Mid-Century Modern Decor!

Mix and match might be the clear thing for your mid century style living room. Trendy, colourful and filled with something special, this is a clear statement that the mid-century decor is the way to go when you decide to revamp your home! Don’t be afraid of having pastels with neutral tones, this clearly wont be an issue as stated above!


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