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Maison et Objet And More _ A Throwback In Time!

A Throwback to Maison et Objet’s Last Editions & Everything You Need to Know About Covet Valley!

We’ve been facing one of the greatest challenges for humankind, and some of our favorite design events have been postned or cancelled. However there is always a way to keep ourselves updated with the latest novelties and design news. If we weren’t passing through the pandemic crisis, by this time we would be in Paris for one of the biggest design events of the year: Maison et Objet. Today, Unique Blog has decided to do a throwback and check some of the best mid-century stands of the past years. And we can guarantee that this will not be the only time capsule you’ll be seeing today. Covet Valley is a beautiful showroom located in Douro’s river, and a new mid-century virtual experience has just been launched. Continue reading and check out classics of mid-century design for the past years, and what some of the most renowned mid-century brands have to offer in 2021!

The next edition of Maison et Objet was postponed for the 9th of September 2021, and until then, we’ll not cross our arms and call it a day. It’s time to explore the perks of our digital era!

Mid Century Partnerships

DelightFULL’s stands are known as some of the most entertaining to be within any interior design trade show. Are you ready to remember some of the highlights of the brand’s stands?

Ready? Mid-century design is here to make your day brighter and better, just have a peek!

DelightFULL’s Maison et Objet 2016 September Stand

Maison et Objet And More _ A Throwback In Time! 2

Recapping through one of the brightest stands, DelightFULL was one showstopper in 2016. Brighter and better, the partnership with Essential Home provided a twist to the whole aura of the stand. This also came with a statement –  fun and trendy is the way to go.

Maison et Objet And More _ A Throwback In Time! 1

DelightFULL’s Maison et Objet 2017 September Stand

Maison et Objet And More _ A Throwback In Time! 3

Once again in partnership with Essential Home, DelightFULL brought alive the mid-century style with no worries. With white and bright tones, the unique lighting solution and the astounding mid-century design made this one of the most coveted stands in the interior design show! With a brand new story to tell, this stand was a stand out for being a home showcase, portraying the fun and modern style of the mid-century design!

DelightFULL’s Maison et Objet 2018 January Stand

Maison et Objet And More _ A Throwback In Time! 4 (1)

On January 2018, DelightFULL once again with Essential Home brought the pastels and the ultimate charm of the mid-century style with iconic pieces. The perfect blend of mid-century lighting pieces and furniture brought all the elegance to this Maison et Objet 2018 stand. With brand new pieces on display such as Kenny table listed below!

DelightFULL’s Maison et Objet September 2018 Stand

Maison et Objet And More _ A Throwback In Time! 6

DelightFULL’s Maison et Objet 2019 January Stand

Despite the fact that the Great Gatsby is on the world from quite some time the art deco themes got back. Pink velvet started being popular and it become trendy to paired with luscious green tones in the natural elements.

DelightFULL’s Maison et Objet 2020 January Stand

Maison et Objet And More : A Throwback In Time!

Minimalistic piecesmid-century lampsart déco table lamps, and much more! The most iconic pieces of the brand couldn’t miss the chance to enlighten its visitors! Atomic, Matheny, Etta, and chuck wall lamps were some of your favorite lighting pieces displayed at this edition.

DelightFULL’s Maison et Objet 2020 Digital Fair

The best furnishing and lighting brands wouldn’t miss the chance to present their new collections, and establish important relations with clients and new partners.

This year, our plans changed a little bit, however it is still possible to have the mid-century aura. Douro is one of the famous regions of Oporto, due to its beautiful landscapes and wine production, considered the best of the world. In the middle of this paradise, there is Covet Valley – a beautiful mid-century showroom that will make you travel back in time with these special designers collections! The new house was launched today and here you can check all the details about it!

Covet Valley With A Fresh Look

Located in Porto, you’re able to visit some of the oldest wine productions and witness of one of most amazing landscapes of the world. Now, Douro Valley has even more value due to the presence of Covet Valley – a time capsule that will melt the heart of all design lovers!

Maison et Objet And More : A Throwback In Time!

This is an exquisite opportunity to have a virtual tour that can show you different décor options in the same room, so you can get more ideas to design the space and adapt it to your personal taste. Interiors are more important in our lives than we think, actually, they should reflect who we are and what we envision, so our team will provide several options for your personalized tour. You will be able to explore the full house, inside and outside, read and listen to some of the best product design tips in order to select the best design piece for your home renovation or new design project.

By filling the form, you can visit the virtual house on your own, or you can even schedule a virtual meeting with one of our ambassadors and have a private guided tour to know everything about benefits and special campaigns of the brands.


Discover How You Can Get Early Access To The New Mid-Century Experience At Covet Valley!

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