Delightfull behind the scenes

Today we present you Delightfull behind the scenes: hear you will find the last stage of production of IKE suspension and floor lamps…
Delightfull lamps’ production is a mystery that we are going to discover for you.

These unique lamps are described as modern lighting creations: they represent a vintage heritage hard to find in such a peculiar and versatile way. Born as a vintage heritage, they are handmade pieces that are reinvented in a contemporary format.

But, did you ever thought about the way they are built? No? We invite you to join an unforgettable journey through a factory located in Rio Tinto, a small land in Portugal that, with its dedicated artisans, made grow up a brand that quickly passed Portugal frontiers and saw itself represented in foreign fairs…

"Ike production" at Rio Tinto, in Delightfull's factory, Portugal.


Isn’t this a Delightfull story?