Triennale Design Museum opens with Milano Design Week


The great opening party of the  Triennale Design Museum’ V edition is already next 17th:  from 7pm to 12pm, it wil occur the Performance di Les Moutons de Panurge di Frederic Rzewski organized by Sentieri selvaggi and it’s open to all the musicians of the city.

The exhibitions  coincid with the approach of Milano Design week.

We start by  Grafica italiana: from April 2012 to February 2013,  by the direction of Silvana Annichiarico, it promotes Italian creativity, extending its research to an art that has always been viewed as minor or instrumental and giving it back the independent role it deserves.

Another exhibition is “Il gioco e le regole”, from 17th April to 17 June. MINI&Triennale CreativeSet, a tribute to the historical group De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi with a selection of iconic items that highlight their important contribution to the history of Italian design from the points of view of research and experimentation, on one side, and of professionalism, on the other side.

The exhibition is curated by Vanni Pasca, with the special exhibition design by Studio D’Urbino Lomazzi, and graphic design by Italo Lupi.
Also, ” Prova a prendermi / Catch Me If You Can”, by Lorenzo Damiani, must be seen: it’s an exhibition composed by objects scattered throughout several different places, all inside La Triennale di Milano, but not “set up” in the same space, in the same place. They are objects to look for.

You already know: you can’t miss Triennale Design Museum exhibitions!

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