Lego House: it really exists

As the title says, this is a Lego House, with structures made of… lego bricks!

Called the Marks/Caride Residence, this contemporary Manhattan living space uses the creative spirit of both the team at I-Beam Architecture And Design and the couple living here – Melissa Marks and Vicente Caride.

The architects and owners worked together to develop a plan that would remain open while creating order amongst a variety of domestic and professional activities. A series of sliding walls each weighing over 500 lbs serve as alternating studio and exhibition walls that reveal or conceal different areas (studio, office and living room) according to the time of day and who is using the space.”

A walnut design line goes through the apartment, becoming part of each space – shelving system, stairs, door jambs, window sills, desks and counter tops and providing the white space with an elegant abundance of focus points, depending on the features of each space. Carrera marble was introduced to add a classy touch in the kitchen, while the walls were adorned with Melissa’s drawings. The 20,000 Lego bricks shaping the staircase were introduced in the architect’s stair design by one of New York’s two licensed LEGO Artists – Sean Kenney.

People who live, work and play in the space have achieved the final design.

Delightfull, isn’t it?


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