Mickael Jackson: the King of Pop

Today, we couldn’t forget to highlight the worldwide pop star icon, Michael Jackson, in the day that points out his death, after three years of the tragedy.

That’s right: Michael Jackson died three years ago, already. Time passes really fast –  you are thinking right now. And when you think about Mickael Jackson’s troubled path, you are driven to mystify a figure that assumed hisself as an eternal child.

That’s Michael’s enchantment: despite all the controversies that have been created around him, the world where he lived was a fantasy:  he lived within a bubble and we, simple spectators, were attracted to that bubble without noticing: we wanted to get in, but we never could do that: because it was Jackson’s world, and it was what fascinated the smaller children to the oldest man.

Michael, our Michael (we know that we can call him our, right?) will be remembered in a series of concerts this week as Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon Jackson continue their return to the stage as The Jacksons.

Jackson, dubbed The King Of Pop, is recognised as the most successful pop singer in the history of music and he died on June 25, 2009, of propofol intoxication after suffering a respiratory arrest at his home on North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills neighbourhood in Los Angeles. Success always accompanied him and hits as “Billy Jean” or “Thriller”will always be part of  a globalized repertoire.

Jermaine said the brothers have wanted to reunite on their own for years, but after Michael’s passing, they needed time to heal – and the tour is another step. They will play in The Fox Theatre Detroit today and the New York Apollo later this week.

Jermaine said the group plans to pay tribute to Michael during their shows with a medley that will conclude with the tune “Gone Too Soon.” When they sang with brother Michael they were simply known as the Jackson 5.

Now, they will be known as the responsible for transmitting the musical heritage that Jackson left to the world.

One thing, we are sure: the king of pop will never be forgotten.

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