Bounce Table Tennis Bar Opens Today


The idea is not new, however, we have to give it the merit: a table tennis and a bar join the best of sport and leisure.

The design-thinker? Russell Sage.  He has designed an interior concept for Bounce, a ‘social ping-pong club’ which has been branded by The Council and it is launched today at 121 Holborn street, in London.

Sage was inspired by ‘stylish’ US-based table tennis clubs and the resurgence of interest in the UK.

To mix the ping-pong mania sweeping the world with a high end food is the main goal that leaded to this table tennis bar.

Sage has looked to compose a design ‘where it’s all mixed in together, so if a ping-pong ball lands in someone’s pint it doesn’t really matter.’

The space of 3810 m2 (!)   has 16 playing tables, a raised seated restaurant for 130 guests with a view overlooking the playing area, an open counter wood-burning  pizza oven, a 12m arc-shaped bar which surrounds the playing area, and a private-hire room hosting two of the tables alongside a cocktail bar and DJ booth.

One of the tables in the main space is an official London 2012 Olympic table used at the games, and the others have been sourced from a number of suppliers.

The Bounce table tennis club-cum-cocktail bar and restaurant is being launched today by Adam Breeden, co-founder of the All Star Lanes bowling company.

suspension lamps

The suspension lamps attribute a magic ambiance to the bar, while the Olympic table tennis waits for players

ping pong club

 Between a beer and a ping pong game

ping pong club

Ready to eat after a ping-pong game

To know more about Bounce, check its website:

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