Concept Design Restaurant by Sofie Ladefoged

restaurant sofie

In Vestergade 49 B, 1, Denmark,  in the old marina in Aarhus, there’s a design restaurant which wispers a nordic flavor.

Sofie Ladefoged was responsible for rebuilding and furnishing Det Glade Vanvid Restaurant, a concept restaurant with seating for 90-100 guests. She transformed it into an elegant and complete concept restaurant.

There is so much attention to detail, the materiality and consistency. From the hallway solid oak cladding, light and contemporary sturdy wardrobe in oak, to the buffet and cafe tables, also designed by Sofie Ladefoged.

Besides wood brass,there is concrete and leather through materials. Brass goes back in the 37 Tom Dixon lamps hanging in a grid from the ceiling, clearings around the windows facing the harbor and Vola fixtures in the restrooms and buffets. The mirrors are bronze colored with concealed lighting and all visible screws screws are either brass or black painted.

In the restaurant, the floor is made of concrete with a gray-brown epoxy surface with its smooth surface extends water table that waves just outside the windows.

Conversion and design of the restaurant is a well-designed work that takes its expression from the 1960s and combines it with a sense of minimalism and a thorough knowledge of materials – aesthetic to the last mouthful!

“I combine classic modernist furniture with contemporary art and design”, says Sofie.

” A modern minimalist style that goes back to my sense of economy that characterizes my projects from the first drawing to the last screw.”

restaurant denmark

 The welcoming restaurant is full of clients

restaurant denmark

 The inviting sofas fulfill the space

restaurant Denmark

 Elegance and charm in a single setting

restaurant Denmark

 The details in gold

restaurant Denmark

 A sophisticated toilet 

restaurant Denmark

Tom Dixon suspension lamps illuminate the room 

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