Interior Design: The Nolitan Hotel

nolitan hotel

The Nolitan Hotel is the first luxury boutique hotel in Manhattan to open in this authentic New York City neighborhood.

If you have not yet stopped by The Nolitan Hotel yet, you should definitely check it out: it features 55 New York City hotel rooms in Manhattan NY. Their accommodations are sophisticated in design yet comfortable so that you feel at home. When you stay there, you’ll live life like a Nolitan.

Whether you’re on business and need easy access to the NYC Financial District and Midtown Manhattan, or on holiday to explore the numerous galleries, boutiques, restaurants and nightlife of Nolita, SoHo, Little Italy, and New York City’s historic Lower East Side – stay in Nolitan. Settle in and revel in the charm and character that define the Manhattan streets of  Nolita neighborhood.

The Nolitan Hotel also features a restaurant at grade and a roof deck. The building, interiors, restaurant and the landscaped rooftop deck of 2,400 square feet were designed by Grzywinski+Pons.

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Vintage suspension lamps  decorate the waiting room

Nolitan Hotel

 Lighting design is  completed with high quality furniture

interior design

 The rooms’ ambiance is calm and relaxing

the nolitan hotel

 Enjoy  the bedroom with view to the Nolitan Neighbourhood

nolitan hotel

 Vitra chairs will make you comfortable

the nolitan

Contemporary suspension lighting 

the nolitan hotel

The Nolitan Hotel

30 Kenmare Street  New York, NY 10012, USA
(212) 925-2555


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