My new flame by Ingo Maurer

new flame

My New Flame is a distinctive table ‚candle’ that never burns down. The combination of high-tech and poetic expression is an idea of Moritz Waldemeyer. At the upper end of a sleek black circuit board, a candle flame seems to flicker in the wind. Up close, you perceive a double-sided rectangular display made of 128 tiny LEDs per side, which renders the image of a burning flame.

The conception renders an effect of light merging into a single image when observed from a distance on in a darkened room. By programming the LEDs to display warm colour temperatures,the final effect becomes realistic.

A digital candle with a flame composed of a double-sided display made up of 128 tiny LEDs per side realistically “flickers in the wind”.

“The secret of light is the shadow” reveals Ingo Maurer. Maurer, known as the poet of light, although he prefers to be regarded craftsman, was born in 1932 on Lake Constance and since he loved the small shape of the bulb: “Two cables hanging naked from a bubble of light , is fascinating.”

ingo maurer

A unique burning light

my new flame

LEDs display warm colour temperatures

unique light

Detail of the exposed circuit board

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