Stockholm Furniture Fair News: the statement of Nordic influence

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Every year, in the cold city of Stockholm, takes place Stockholm Furniture Fair, which dominates the all area between Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, seen as a respectable exhibition by the powerful Germany. It is, undoubtedly, the statement of nordic influence, and how slowly it has becoming part of our culture.

This year will be no exception: between 5 and 9 February 2013, the best of nordic design will be showcased in Mässvägen 1, Stockholm, Sweden.

Oki Sato, Nendo creative director of Design Studio, will be the guest of honor at the Stockholm Design Week & Northern Light Fair 2013.

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With this initiative, the Scandinavian festival wants to highlight the role of Japanese design, which by its sensitivity and material resembles the Scandinavian idiosyncrasy. Similarly, this initiative shows that Japan is the largest market in Asia for Nordic companies. Among some of the responsibilities of NENDO DESIGN STUDIO in attending the fair will highlight the international media, give a lecture for the general public and devise a lounge area at the main entrance of the exhibition center of Stockholm, with some of his most outstanding creations.

From 5-9 February 2013, the Stockholm Furniture Fair & Northern Light Fair will again be the largest global event for the Nordic and Scandinavian design, with a superb selection of exhibitors and many surprises both fair and in different locations of the Swedish capital, Stockholm called during Design Week. Among many of the initiatives that are traditionally held, is “Guest of Honour” which traditionally raises more interest, since it allows to pay a warm tribute to an outstanding personality in the world of design, while recognizing the quality of his work. This year, Inga Sempé is the guest of honour.

inga sempé

Inga Sempé is the guest of Honour of 2013 edition

In the words of Cecilia Nyberg – director of the Stockholm Furniture Fair – “We are delighted to be invited to a friend’s house in this edition. Oki Sato 10 years ago was one of our speakers at the Greenhouse section, and since then we have closely followed his work, so much so that we decided to be our “Guest of Honour 2013″, just as he marks 10 years of this initiative. Oki Sato is the creative director of Nendo Design, a studio with offices in Tokyo and Europe, with a select portfolio of clients and brands. ”

“Oki Sato is one of the most exciting designers of the current scene and admire his passion for experimentation, his mischievous minimalism and their solutions so full of humor in his work, which so far is great and equally modest. With this decision, we hope to offer our visitors a space, and some attractions that inspire, that surprised and filled with optimism that the 2013 edition. “Continues Nyberg. The international press, has often been referred to as the designer Oki Sato wittiest XXI century and his work is full of winks to humor as well as his desire to tell a story, and his pieces have an essence.

Born in Toronto in 1977, spent much of his youth in Tokyo, the city where he graduated in Architecture. After a stint in Greenhouse, the work that has developed internationally have been very noticeable, especially in the hands of big names such as Cappellini, Swedese, De Padova, Foscarini, among others. So much so, that in order to meet all their Italian customers, Nendo Design decided long ago to open a permanent office in Milan, one of the great world capitals of design.

The best architecture in the Iberian Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2013

iberic architecture

Eduardo Souto de Moura – Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2011 -, Patxi Mangado – one of the best world famous Spanish architects – João Álvaro Rocha, another major Portuguese architecture, and Ramon Sanabria participate in a program of seminars and panel discussions during the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2013, February 5-9 in the Swedish capital.


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