Why you should visit this Creative Milk Factory

la milk factory

If you’re going to Maison et Objet, in Paris, the visit to the Milk Factory is mandatory.

This creative Culinary Collective of dairy products intends to be a laboratory of ideas, allowing the confrontation of disciplines and looks. The Milk Factory is a new space dedicated to multidisciplinary research work (creative) around dairy products.  According to its exhibitions and events, provides a forum for artists of all kinds: chefs, artists, photographers, designers, etc.. Together, they create, invent and expose.

milk factory

Milk Factory – 5 rue Paul Bert – Paris 11e

beurre milk factory

The last exposition Beurre beurre beurre 

For the exhibition Beurre, Beurre, Beurre Tania & Vincent give these expressions a vision uncluttered, and sometimes shifted slightly playful. The chef Sébastien Gaudard develops a series of primers and creates a new culinary vocabulary of butters . He delivers a few new recipes of raw material. About Ich & Kar, they sign the typographic of illustrations expressions.

milk factoryBeurre, beurre, beurre exhibition

Among the artists that work for Milk Factory, there are 5.5 Designers, Gomez Caroline, Tania & Vincent and Rainous Youlia.

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