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Draga Aurel Delightfull

Paris Best Design Galleries

Between Cat Berro gallery, owned by Véronique Sainten and Francis Cat- Berro and Downtown gallery, founded  by François Laffanour, among others, there is a common link that unites all of them: love for high quality furniture and lighting.

Gallery Cat Berro

25, rue Guénégaud – 75006 Paris

objets curiosite Véronique Sainten and Francis Cat- Berro maintain the French decorative arts tradition of producing items in small quantities and limited editions. The designers and creators with whom they work are more used to work on one-off project which makes their work here the more interesting. These include Mattia Bonetti, Olivier Gagnère, Pucci de Rossi among others and although the collections are in small series, they have available individual pieces also.

Galerie de Casson

21, rue de Seine – 75006 Paris

galerie de casson This blue jewelery box of a space designed by Alnoor is perfect for showing off the ‘vintage’ work of the designers Pierre Paulin, Olivier Mourgue and Michael Boyer. It was during his time at Sotheby’s in London that Guillaume de Casson realized the potential furniture could have. A trip to the Netherlands led him to rediscover Pierre Paulin and the furniture he had covered in stretch fabric that he showed at Alain Gutharc. On the strenght of this he opened his first gallery on the rue Louise Weuss – then un up and coming area – in 2001. His new location in the historic district will ensure him even greater visibility.  

Galerie Downtown

18/33 rue de Seine – 75006 Paris 

galerie downtown

The Downtown gallery, founded by François Laffanour is a place of modernity and nonconformism. It bets on the energies of a veritable design anthology. By giving the public an opportunity to rediscover iconic pieces designed by Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé, and Pierre Jeanneret, the gallery plays a twofold role and honors the creative sensibility, poetry and avant-garde spirit of designs by Etorre Sottsass, George Nakashima, Takis, Choi and Ron Arad.

Galerie Hélène Porée 

2, rue Monsieur le Prince – 75006 Paris 

hélène porée

Hélène Porée’s eye for the unusual allows her to spot one-off pieces in ceramic or glass as well as contemporary jewellery. Her choices reflect her special sensitivity to materials – be they basic or precious – and to the sculptural aspects of an item.

Hervé van der Straeten Gallery

rue Ferdinand Duval 75004 Paris

herve van der straeten

Hervé Van der Straeten is designer of some of the most coveted furniture in the world. One-off pieces, or objects made in editions mostly limited to eight, they are breathtakingly luxurious and built from materials rarely heard of in this century: sheepskin parchment, Gabonese ebony, alabaster.

Galerie Perimeter Art & Design 

47, rue Saint-André des Arts – 75006 Paris

galerie perimeter

Situated on the first floor if a private building dating from the end of the 17th Century, Perimeter Art&Design has been developing and distributing furniture and objects with French and international designers since 2004.


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