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Euroluce Lithos Design: Nature reveals its secrets

lithos design salone

Lithos Design got us used to fabulous ideas since the beginning and this time is no exception. Antares, its newest product, it’s  a feast for the eyes and it will grab your attention at Euroluce, the light fair inside Salone del Mobile in Milan . Sculptural light strings  illuminating walls with dreamy colors.

Antares is a 3 dimensional stone configuration lit from behind, and the light enhances the design. At the same time the design turns the light into marvelous effects.

With Antares, walls have no need to stand still. Through research concerning illuminating techniques used with the translucent characteristics of marble, light reveals the secrets and inner layers of the natural elements, highlighting the multiplicity of the material surface.

This creation is part of a new collection called Le Pietre Luminose, with eight new models carrying names of stars: Antares, Vega, Mizar, Rigel, Sirius, Alcor, Naos and Polare. Their design resulted from a study of modularity, taking in account 3 different styles: organic shapes, open curved lines and geometric or linear shapes.

Le Pietre Luminose is another step towards the infinite possibilities of using natural elements, in this case stone cladding and Lithos Design is a company to keep in mind.

lithos design collection

lithos design